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Hallmark rare metals Ltd. is Hong-Kong based with branch offices in Xi'an and a permanent sales representative in Germany, located 30 minutes from Frankfurt international Airport.

 In 2013 Hallmark founded the Titan-Union, a powerful network of Companies, producing a wide range of products from non-Fe metals.

All Members of the Titan Union are direct manufacturers with a selective focus on different materials, products and industries. Hallmark acts as their official international sales channel and can offer a huge amount of stocking products and wide range of services.

Custom alloys or oversized parts as well as complete subassembly are also part of our portfolio. We ship our goods direct from the producing factory or out of one of our 14 stocking warehouses in China.

Beside that Hallmark is also the authorized product agency and European representative of:


Western Metal Material Co. Ltd. (focused on Titanium)

Xi’an Refra Tungsten & Molybdenum Co. Ltd. (focus on Tungsten (Wolfram) and Molybdenum)

Xi'an Noble Rare Metal Materials Co. Ltd. (focused on special Applications with Gold, Platinum, Silver)


As the local representative Office of our partners are taking care for all customer services in Europe. This unique combination enables us to provide powerful support and service to our customers and guarantee full customer satisfaction.

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